xShrooms DNA & Rarity


Frequently Asked Questions

How To Buy?


1. Install the XUMM wallet app from your phone’s App/Play Store.

2. Deposit XRP to XUMM. 10 XRP will be used to activate the wallet and 2 to set the xShroom Trustline so you can store your xShroom (XRPL requirements).

3. Add xShroom Trustline by clicking “Confirm” on this link and scanning the QR code with XUMM: https://xumm.community/?issuer=rHqLei9xJch13JioYHsDUwWJoz81QQh6LU&currency=xShroom&limit=5000

4. Connect to Sologenic or your favorite XRPL DEX with XUMM:


5. Buy your xShroom IOU! (0.5 IOU = 1 NFT, 1 IOU = 2 NFTs)

How Many NFTs for 1 xShroom?

1 xShroom token redeemable for 2 xShroom NFTs. (0.5 xShroom = 1 NFT)

How many xShroom tokens are there?

The max supply is 5,000 xShroom tokens. The Issuer has been blackholed to prevent more from being created.

DISCLAIMER: These tokens are only intended to be used as IOU’s for the NFT’s that will be distributed at a later date.

How many NFTs will be minted?

10,000 Unique NFTs will be minted via XLS-20 launch.

Will there be more rare NFTs?

Yes, certain attributes will be more rare and not on as many minted NFTs. A very limited amount of customized xShrooms will be minted outside the 10k. All customized xShrooms will be gifted once minted, so this will not affect the 2/1 = NFT/Token Ratio.

How did the airdrop take place?

2500 Airdropped

-First 1000 Trustlines get 1

-Next 2000 Trustlines get .5

-Community Vote
A) 5000 get 0.1 B) 10000 get 0.05
(B was the winner)

+ Giveaways via Social Media

What happens if all tokens are bought and you have under 0.5 limit for a redeemable NFT?

Unfortunately, you will have to buy or sell the tokens. The community is set up to have the equivalent amount of tokens redeemable for NFTs available. There will be raffles and plans to use all the token.

We will update the FAQ as the community grows, thank you. <3